February 27, 2013

Space Station Vocalization

The result of two years of blood, sweat, and coffee hit the app store last night. It’s called Vio, and it’s based on the voice processor I use with Jazari. One year ago, I began collaborating with Audiofile Engineering on incorporating my audio code into an app that lets everyone explore fantastical sonic spaces derived from their own voice and gives musicians and producers a powerful voice-processing tool that goes beyond existing technology. That process deserves its own blog post. But for now, I’m going to post the amazing artist videos we recorded with Carnage The Executioner, Aby Wolf, OSO, and myself. You can learn more about the app at transformyourvoice.com.

I haven’t put up a performance video in some time, and this is the first one that shows the MegaNome controller in action.

Minneapolis-based vocalist Aby Wolf is riding a wave of success with her Wolf Lords project with Grant Cutler. The sound of her voice pitch corrected to just intonation with the Sitar Hero preset is one the most beautiful sounds I’ve heard from the app.

Rapper and beat-boxer Carnage The Executioner discovered sounds in the Wormhole preset that were completely new to me.

OSO coaxed some beautiful harmonies out of the presets Tasmanian Gothic and Eau Claire while ad-libbing lyrics.

Other than me, all of the performers were completely new to the app when we shot these videos. They played with it for 15 minutes, and then we started rolling tape, which shows a couple things, I think. One, they’re really talented. Two, it’s pretty easy to get started with this app, which was an overriding goal throughout development. We didn’t want users to have to familiarize themselves with obscurantist controls labeled ASDR, and I think we succeeded. I’ll write more about the process when I have time, but for now, enjoy the videos, and if you like the app, please like the app on FB at facebook.com/VioApp or follower Vio on Twitter @vio_app.


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