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Fragmentation & Acoustic Dubstep

Releasing four videos in the past three weeks gave Voloco, my Android voice processing app, a jolt of attention that boosted downloads. That’s mostly good, as it allowed thousands of people to sound like a cross between Roger Troutman and the Terminator while moving about with their hands free, which we can all agree is a real contribution to society. Unfortunately, the app didn’t function properly for certain folks who did not hesitate to report their displeasure to the app’s comments page. I understand their frustration, but what is particularly frustrating for me is seeing reports that the app doesn’t work on devices that I actually tested it on. One user reported that the app crashes on a Nexus One, which of course is the Android development phone–the same phone that I have used Voloco on for hours without a crash. This user was using a non-standard version of Android, but it still grates. Fudge.

I may opt to revisit iOS for my next app. I hate their development tools, but the test matrix is four devices and three versions of the OS instead of 300+ devices and who knows how many flavors of the OS. If you have downloaded Voloco, and it works or doesn’t work (and I believe it works for a solid majority of users), please do one of the following: If it works, write a thoughtful, honest review that makes copious use of words like “MAGISTERIAL,” “MIND-MELTING,” and “APOCALYPTICALLY AWESOME.” If it doesn’t work, send me an email that mentions the device model, Android version, and the nature of the problem. Actually, if it works and you want to suggest improvements, write a review along the guidelines specified above and then email your suggestions.

In other news, I hooked up the wobble machine to a wah wah pedal tonight, mic’ed the drums, and rocked several hours of acoustic dubstep and electro insanity. I stopped when the tendons in my hand got sore. That’s a good practice session. The video shoot and recording session is two weeks from tomorrow, and it will be a crunch to put two tracks together before then, but I’m confident something ridiculous will fall out of it. If you want to be in the fallout zone when the videos drop, hit the Facebook Like button at right.

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