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Tri-Tone Snare Machine

That’s “tri” as in three hues of wood, not the musical interval; my drums don’t play pitches, yet. The three woods on display here are African padauk (the reddish orange wood), mahogany, and a little bit of ebony that holds the sticks. I used a combination of mahogany and padauk before in my hi hat machine, and I wanted to preserve the materials and the style across all machines that play the drum set. That meant, besides wood selection, adhering to a modern, Scandinavian style. My woodworking is too amateurish for me to count the greats of the craft as influences, but I will say that I looked at pieces by James Krenov and George Nakashima before and during this project. Krenov’s “box-on-stilts” style is partly echoed in the number and placement of the padauk crosspieces and the open space between the legs and body of the machine. If I can create echoes of Clyde Stubblefield in the music it makes, then I’ll really have something.

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, you can catch the machine’s debut at Tarnish & Gold Gallery on the evening of March 19th. I don’t have the details of that performance yet, but I’ll post them as I receive them.

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