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New videos

I recently performed at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor at the invitation of the Center for Engineering Diversity Outreach, who did a great job of putting together a one-day residency with technical talks, a master class, and a concert. I’ve uploaded a few clips from the concert to my YouTube channel. Check them out!

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Really Free Software

In advance of my performance and talk at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor on Friday, I’m publishing some of the source code I use to control the machines. This piece of Java code and an accompanying XML file are used to construct a Java external in MAX/MSP that parses OSC instructions from the Wiimote by walking a tree data structure. To make this work, you’ll need to pick up the third-party software OSCulator, which translates the Wii’s BlueTooth signal into OSC commands and publishes them to a local port. OSCulator is available here.

More generally, you could modify this code and the template of the XML to use any OSC message to walk an XML document. I’ll add more explanation as time allows, but for now, here’s the code:

WiiDataParser Java external
XML doc that specifies command tree

I’m releasing both pieces of code under the Wide Open License (WOL), which allows you to do pretty much whatever you want with them, including commercial applications, provided you retain the copyright notice in all source copies. Also, if you haven’t already, hit the Facebook Like button in the sidebar at right; I’ll be releasing more code and music over the coming months, and the Jazari FB page is the best place to follow Jazari developments.

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If you judge a tech conference by the number of balloon drops, artesanal cheeses on offer, and lobster sandwich affordability, PopTech wins hands down. Sure, PopTech excels in more traditional categories like social networking and inspiring awe in the ability of technological progress and human ingenuity to improve living standards in impoverished countries, but you really should have seen the cheeses.

PopTech may or may not make a video of my performance available, but they’ve got some great shots of my performance up on their flickr photostream. Also, I recommend checking video of Reggie Watts’s brilliant impromptu comedy/beat-boxing mind explosion.

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